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How to Prepare for That Important Meeting

9th January 2018

First Impressions Matter

It’s true what they say, you absolutely do not get a second chance to make a good first impression, which is why it’s important to prepare for important encounters with others, just as you would for an exam. Your manners, professionalism, and character will all be judged upon a first impression, and preparing will enable a much clearer mind.

Preparation will help you to stand out from the rest, giving you more confidence, encouraging a better performance.

How to Prepare

First, find out exactly who will be in your meeting, and do your research. Make sure you are courteous by knowing all attendees’ names, professions, job titles and so on, and learn about their company and background. This will both impress and make for great conversation.

Second, don’t just learn about the company, familiarise yourself with the industry – and don’t be afraid to ask questions, it shows that you’re taking an interest.

Prepare some ice breaker questions too, maybe about their interests, hobbies, or any holidays they may have planned. It’s a nice touch to speak to someone on a human level as well as just professional.

Be Smart

It’s imperative that you present yourself appropriately, i.e. smart clothes, hair, shoes, nails. These are all vital for making a good impression, and will help you feel more confident. With this said, also avoid eating or drinking anything right before an important meeting – you don’t want to be worrying about having coffee breath, or some broccoli in your teeth!

And most importantly, turn your phone off during the meeting! Nothing distracts you or the people around you more than a buzzing phone whilst you’re trying to work or discuss important matters.


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